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Rossi and Biaggi lament unsuccessful outings in Germany

Rossi and Biaggi lament unsuccessful outings in Germany

Rossi and Biaggi lament unsuccessful outings in Germany

With his speed cutting through the pack from a poor start after holding pole position Max Biaggi had good reason to think that the German GP might yield a decent result as he started his fourteenth circulation of the Sachsenring in third place. Sadly an untimely crash on the same lap added a dent to his Championship aspirations similar to the one embedded in the mangled mess of his Camel Honda.

Down and out, Biaggi could only watch as his arch-rival Valentino Rossi also went about throwing away the GP thanks to an error on the very last corner that allowed Sete Gibernau through to claim what should have been the World Champion's first victory in four races. Rossi may now have racked-up 15 consecutive podium results but the frustration of losing yesterday was all too apparent. The cheerful Italian struggled to muster a smile in the post-race furore as Sete Gibernau has now notched more wins than the Repsol Honda man.

Here is what both Italians had to say about their less than desirable race outcomes just prior to the three week summer break.

Valentino Rossi:

´I am a little disappointed with the final result. I tried to go at the beginning of the race but it was impossible. Sete came with me and we did maybe 10 laps close together. It was all about the last lap and that's when I planned my attack.
I made a good overtaking move but then I don't understand why I went inside to close the line. I thought Sete may go through that way and that was my mistake. I went too close to the line, touched the brakes and lost the momentum; I needed to wait too long before I could open the throttle. Sometimes this year I have been unlucky with the weather or the rules. Today I just made a mistake.´

Max Biaggi:

´The start was not great for me. I found myself down in tenth place and I had to push to try and recover because I was in a lot of traffic. The Proton was fast in the slower parts of the track and hard to overtake. When I had a clear track I could make up time but then I lost the front at turn 10 where I hadn't really felt comfortable all race. It's sad what happened but I can't do the race again so I'll just look forward to Brno.´

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