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Kevin Schwantz visits MotoGP for the second time in ´03 and lends his views

Kevin Schwantz visits MotoGP for the second time in ´03 and lends his views

Kevin Schwantz visits MotoGP for the second time in ´03 and lends his views

Having made his first visit to the new four-stroke world of the MotoGP paddock back at Barcelona, former Champion Kevin Schwantz was again present in the paddock last week at the Sachsenring. After successfully implementing several sessions of his riding school at a small airfield circuit near Berlin the 40 year old was prepared to be further questioned considering the evolving MotoGP scene and the Suzuki team. Here is what he had to say:

´The riding school out in the States has been successful and pretty busy, so we had various distributors asking about the possibility of doing some sessions in Europe. That's the main reason I'm here and the days we made near Berlin was good fun. The idea is spreading so it's likely I'll be making some more trips over here in the near future.

People keep on asking me about the Suzuki GP effort especially when the Superbike boys are doing pretty well in the states. All I can say is that I have confidence in the factory. The bikes and team are changing all the time. What I saw in Barcelona doesn't seem to be the same stuff here.

It's always special to come back to a GP race, mainly because of the friends I've made around the world. The people and the fans involved in the sport is what makes it so great.

I think everybody around the world is paying attention to MotoGP with the level is it at right now. An American GP is something that definitely needs to happen, if not next year then in ´05, people in the US are always saying to me ´When are those guys gonna come over, when are we going to see those bikes?´ there is not doubt that MotoGP is THE dominant motorcycle series. It is also encouraging to now see a larger group of American riders. They all seem to be in their first GP year or are racing bikes that are not as good as they need to race at the front. I think with a little time and with the right equipment they can possibly win races.

In terms of future talent there is a kid called Ben Spies in America who has impressed me a lot on the Yoshimura Suzuki. He has ridden the bike as best as he can, learnt a lot, not crashed much and tended to have avoided most of the usual rookie mistakes. It is always difficult to predict the stars of tomorrow because you never really know if someone has real potential until they are given that chance at a high level but Ben certainly has been going about things the right way.´

MotoGP, 2003

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