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Fausto Gresini on his team´s courageous season

Fausto Gresini on his team´s courageous season

Fausto Gresini on his team´s courageous season

Telefonica Movistar Gresini have certainly been at the headlines of much of the motorcycle press this season for varying reason. First of all the tragic death of their Japanese star Daijiro Kato was a gut-wrenching start to the season for the Italian squad, however having shown courage and strength in the face of this adversity, the four race wins of Sete Gibernau have lifted the team to never seen before heights. Team manager Fausto Gresini talks about a season which will be impossible for him to ever forget.

`We have undergone some strong emotions since the tragic start to the year - up to the victories that Sete is taking for us. It's a very special season and we hope that Sete can continue with this rhythm´.

`I think that Sete has grown a lot this year. He needed a team which he felt happy in and a bike capable of winning and we have been able to give him this warmth that he was missing to become a winning rider. I think that the Daijiro Kato tragedy helped him to grow inside and gave him a responsibility to uphold, which he is doing in Daijiro's honour´.

`We are a small team and we do everything passionately. I believe that this is almost our secret. The will to do everything for our rider, is appreciated by the riders themselves. They like us and they repay us with these results. This is very important´.

`At this moment we are living day-by-day. The important this is to do good races. At the moment we are close in the championship standings, but we know that there is too much left to be thinking about that, so we will try to just have good races and win whenever possible. If the mathematics put us close after that, then maybe we will think about it´.

MotoGP, 2003

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