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Rossano Brazzi surprised by Poggiali

Rossano Brazzi surprised by Poggiali

Rossano Brazzi surprised by Poggiali

Rossano Brazzi is a chief mechanic with honours. The bald-headed Italian has overseen successful 250cc World Championship campaigns with Valentino Rossi and Marco Melandri, as well as helping develop the now dominant Aprilia RSW machines with riders such as Loris Reggiani and Doriano Romboni. After winning the title with Melandri last season, Brazzi finds himself once again in the championship chase with his latest protégé Manuel Poggiali. The former 125cc World Champion has surprised most of the Grand Prix paddock with his swift adaptation to the factory 250, and even Brazzi admits he has been taken aback by the young man's talent, as he revealed in the following interview with Have you been surprised by Manuel's adaptation to the notoriously tricky 250 machine?

RB: "Manuel has surprised me a lot this year, because he has been adapting to the bike very quickly, except maybe for a few too many crashes. But he is a very alert young kid, he learns very quickly and that shows in his results - he's assimilated himself very quickly into the 250 category." What is the secret to your success as a chief mechanic?

RB: "More than a secret, it's my many years of experience, and I always try to put those at my rider's disposition so that we can get the best results." Are you hopeful that Manuel can continue his good form and win the 250 title at the first attempt?

RB: "To win the title in the first year would be fantastic, but nobody is putting pressure on him to get this result. If it comes, great, but if it doesn't, it's not that important. The important thing is for him to understand how the bike works, and then go for the title next year." After so many years in Grand Prix and so many successes, how do you keep up your motivation for motorcycle racing?

RB: "I'm motivated like a young man, because if at 53 years old you're not motivated, then you don't do this job, that's for sure!"

To listen to the whole of this interview in its original version, complete with images of Brazzi and Poggiali in action, click on the video link at the right of this page.

250cc, 2003

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