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Seedorf claims Aprilia backing in Barberá controversy

Seedorf claims Aprilia backing in Barberá controversy

Seedorf claims Aprilia backing in Barberá controversy

The controversy over the signature of Héctor Barberá continued on Thursday with an announcement by Clarence Seedorf from Milan, rejecting on behalf of Seedorf Racing the comments made on Wednesday by Team Aspar. The following is the press release made by Seedorf himself:

After reading the press release made by Aprilia Racing and their Technical Director Mr. Jan Witteveen, distributed by Team Aspar, we have contacted Mr. Jan Witteveen to clarify the content of the statement. Mr. Jan Witteveen, in communication with the directors of my team, Seedorf Racing, has confirmed the following:

1. That the rider Héctor Barberá will have at his disposal Aprilia Racing's best material, with 100% support for his sporting career. Mr. Jan Witteveen wished to express to us that the interest of Aprilia Racing is in Héctor Barberá, and not in any particular team.

2. I would like to express my satisfaction with Aprilia Racing for the profesional relationship they are maintaing with Seedorf Racing, and that Mr. Jan Witteveen has kept a personal promise made to me at the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello to support us in a joint project between Aprilia Racing and Team Seedorf Racing.

3. I would also like to give thanks to Aprilia Racing, and in particular to Mr. Jan Witteveen, for the support being shown to Héctor Barberá. From the very beginning Aprilia Racing have promised the rider the best posible material for next season and have expressed their desire for Héctor Barberá's situation to be resolved as soon as possible.

Clarence Seedorf

125cc, 2003

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