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Garry McCoy desperate to prove his worth in MotoGP

Garry McCoy desperate to prove his worth in MotoGP

Garry McCoy desperate to prove his worth in MotoGP

The traditional end-of-season rider roundabout, which gathered momentum at the final race of the season in Valencia and reached fever pitch this week when Yamaha announced that they had sealed the services of Valentino Rossi, has so far left one of MotoGP's top swingers grounded. After declining the opportunity to continue with Fuchs Kawasaki, Garry McCoy has seen top rides at Honda and Ducati go to former WSB stars Colin Edwards and Neil Hodgson, whilst Japanese factory politics look to have closed the majority of the remaining doors on the Australian. With his spectacular title challenge just three seasons ago and race victories at Welkom, Estoril and Valencia still fresh in the memory it is a frustrating situation for McCoy, who is desperate to prove his worth at the highest possible level of motorcycle racing.

"When I see guys getting these rides even though they haven't really done anything in Grand Prix, I think it really stinks," said McCoy, who is currently taking time out at his home in Andorra. "Unfortunately, that's the way it is at the moment but it worries me not only for myself, but also for other riders who may not be portrayed as the right nationality. Personally, I think I have done enough throughout my career and enough this year on uncompetitive machinery to show that I have the potential, given the opportunity on a top bike in a top team. I have a lot of followers around the world – even when I am running last they seem to love the show I put on - so I can't understand why the people who matter are not taking notice."

McCoy added that he has received offers from other series', but admits that at the age of 31 it is not the time to take career gambles. "I have an option to stay in MotoGP but to be fair I'm not sure if the bike will allow me to fight for top positions. I have also had an offer from World Superbikes and one from America, but really the last place I want to go is America because I'm settled now in Europe. The other problem is, as everybody in Grand Prix knows, that if you step out for a couple of years it is even tougher to get back in. So I'll think it over and decide what's best – both on and off the track."

A decision either way looks set to be taken during the next few days, during which time McCoy will be preparing himself for his second favourite sport. "The ski slopes open in Andorra on the 1st December so I am just kicking back, relaxing and cleaning the snowboard!"

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