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Gresini comments on Kato verdict

Gresini comments on Kato verdict

Gresini comments on Kato verdict

The death of Daijiro Kato during the first race of the season hit MotoGP and the motorcycling world hard but perhaps nobody quite as much inside the sport as team manager Fausto Gresini. The former racer had this to say in reaction to the findings of the investigation committee published last week:

"As we have always underlined after an analysis of the data we had, the bike had no sort of technical or mechanical problem."

"Basically I have always been convinced of what the Honda Committee has published today. Unfortunately though, this decision leaves unchanged the great tragedy Daijiro Kato's family and his team have experienced. I recall those sorrowful days and I don't feel like making any particular comment."

"I can only say that what we had checked back then, the Investigation Committee has now confirmed at a higher level. I believe this kind of thing had to be done, in order to make things clear and to avoid any kind of doubt and indiscretion concerning this tragic event."

"There are no obscure aspects, if not in the racetrack, and the fact that next year no Grand Prix race will be held in Suzuka in a way confirms the analysis we made several months ago. The case can now be considered definitely over: there is no more space for insinuations nor allegations, in my heart there will always be a terrible sadness for the loss of a dear friend."

MotoGP, 2003

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