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Colin Edwards comments on the test at Valencia and his second outing on the Honda

Colin Edwards comments on the test at Valencia and his second outing on the Honda

Colin Edwards comments on the test at Valencia and his second outing on the Honda

Former World Superbike Champion Colin Edwards had a difficult learning year with the factory Aprilia and the spectacular fireball the Texan found himself ditching during qualifying for the German grand prix was arguably one of few ‘bright' moments throughout the campaign.

Now back with Honda and the marque with which he won both his Superbike titles the 29 year old has placed himself quietly back into contention for podiums. A season of circuit knowledge under his belt not to mention a year of pioneering Michelin's 16.5" front tyre, that more and more teams seem to be currently adopting, means that the American is perfectly poised to join what will be arguably the biggest short-list of potential race winners for several years in motorcycle racing's premier series.

Here he comments on his recent test as Sete Gibernau's new team-mate at the Valencia session last week and only his second stint on the machine after a shakedown at Catalunya.

"I'm trying to figure the bike out at the moment while the Michelin guys have said to me ‘when you are ready to start some tests let us know'. On the last day I went through about 4 or 5 tyres and gave them some comments," he remarked.

"In Barcelona I rode with the 17" front and then changed to the 16.5 here and just lost all feeling. I didn't really know what was going on. Now we have back-tracked a little in terms of our settings and they are even using the same valv-ing that I ran while in Superbikes with a basic fork. I am just trying to find a feeling that I know and from that point moving on."

Concerning the two front tyres he said:

"You have to ride the 16.5 and 17 with different styles. I spent four years riding the 16.5, I know what it takes to make the thing work and I have developed the tyre from the word ‘go', for me I prefer the 16.5 it has some attributes over the 17 but then the larger size also has it's advantages; it's all to do with compromise, that is what motorcycle racing is about anyway, whatever you prefer."

"Every bike has its own particular feel. I have my experience with the Aprilia to work from so I am trying to sort out this bike. I am not going out too crazy too early and trying to force the limit. All day I'd just get to a point, then go a tenth faster and then another tenth. The Honda is a strong bike but like all things it can be better. I came here to win. The fact that I am half a second behind everybody pisses me off! This is my first proper test on the bike so now it is time to put our noses to the grindstone and get working."

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