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De Angelis reflects on a positive debut with the 250cc Aprilia

De Angelis reflects on a positive debut with the 250cc Aprilia

De Angelis reflects on a positive debut with the 250cc Aprilia

Alex De Angelis enjoyed an intensive but productive period of activity last week, making his debut on a 250cc machine at Jerez on Monday and lapping close to lap record time at Valencia by Saturday. Runner-up in the 125cc World Championship last season, the tall and gangly De Angelis seems much better suited to the quarter-litre machine and after coming within three tenths of his factory colleague Sebastián Porto, who rode under lap record time at the Spanish circuit, admits he is feeling much more comfortable.

"I have to say that riding the 250 has been an exciting and interesting experience so far," commented the affable teenager. "The 250 is obviously much quicker than the 125 and you realise that straight away. It is a strange sensation at first because the acceleration is very strong and you have to be careful – but then you get used to it and after three or four laps you can start sliding around and having fun."

As a teenager from San Marino moving up from 125 to ride a factory 250cc Aprilia, De Angelis is sure to draw comparisons with Manuel Poggiali, who won the title at the first attempt in 2003. However, the 19 year old – who turns 20 at the end of the month – says his targets are much more modest for his debut season.

"Manuel won straight away – he won the first race and he was competitive from the start," he says. "This year the season starts a little later so I will have plenty of time to test and learn the bike. That is the most important thing for this year. At the moment I am riding with a standard configuration on my bike so we just have to work on adapting it to my style of riding.

"I don't really have a set objective– at the moment I am just thinking about discovering the bike and overcoming any difficulties, of which there are many. It looks as though I am going quickly from the start though so we will have to wait and see. I am ambitious but I am just looking to improve over the course of the year."

One thing sure to aid De Angelis in his quest for success will be the support of Aprilia, a fact which is not lost on the youngster. "It is extremely important to me to have factory support because every rider needs to find his own direction and, above all, Aprilia will help me to do that. That is the most important thing for me."

250cc, 2003

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