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Rossi receives first ever World Championship Trophy

Rossi receives first ever World Championship Trophy

Rossi receives first ever World Championship Trophy

MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi was today recognised for his efforts in the 2003 season by becoming the first rider ever to lift the brand new World Championship Trophy, which will become a permanent fixture for winners of this prestigious series. The ‘RIDE THE WORLD' trophy, designed by famous sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, brings MotoGP in line with many other similarly historic and prestigious sports which honour their World Champions in the same way.

"I like the trophy and I hope to have my name inscribed on it many more times," commented Rossi, who was also given a replica of the trophy to keep. "It reminds me of the Indy Car trophy and I think it's a good idea. Hopefully I will have a few more of these replica models to fill my house before the end of my career."

Lorenzo Quinn, son of legendary Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn, said of his design: "All my sculptures have a message. I don't conceive a work of art merely for its aesthetic value, which in the end, is highly subjective. This trophy "RIDE THE WORLD" represents the enormous weight that implies being the champion of the world: its as carrying the whole world on your shoulders.

"This weight is not only related to the sport world, since all eyes are on the champion and the competitors are lying in wait for the slightest mistake. However, the champion must be such outside the competition as well. Perhaps, the social weight that the champion has on his shoulders, is the most difficult one to carry."

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