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Jessica Campos making her way in a man's world

Jessica Campos making her way in a man's world

Jessica Campos making her way in a man's world

As Jessica Campos strolls through the paddock in her NC World Trade team uniform, you could be forgiven for assuming that she works as a press officer or grid girl in such a male-dominated sport. However, Campos is the only female mechanic plying her trade in the World Championship garages, working as a chassis engineer for Yamaha rider Taro Sekiguchi – a job she says was a lifelong dream.

"I always loved motorcycle racing when I was little, but it is a bit of a handicap being a woman - it's difficult to get anywhere," explains Jessica. "I always had the idea from when I was young, so I completed my studies and then quickly got to learn about everything to do with mechanics. Then I opened doors for myself by working hard until I got here, because this is what I really wanted."

"I started in the Catalan championship and my goal was to keep at it and eventually come to the World Championship. Now I'm here, I just want to improve and learn."

Jessica says that she has never encountered problems within the paddock because she is a woman, but admits it can take a while for the riders to get used to the idea.

"For the first few days it's strange for them but I'm used to it now, I just work and work and kind of forget that I'm the only woman on the team. I just think about work and forget.

"The first few days they don't know how to act – for example at the end of each day somebody has to sweep the garage, and I'm not going to avoid it just because I'm a woman. We all take turns to do it and I want to do my bit. But you get used to it."

250cc, 2004

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