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Kawasaki put trust in Bridgestone

Kawasaki put trust in Bridgestone

Kawasaki put trust in Bridgestone

Fuchs Kawasaki Team Manager Harald Eckl has revealed his confidence in Bridgestone after a lengthy meeting at the Circuit de Catalunya on Thursday afternoon. Shinya Nakano and Alex Hofmann were present alongside technicians from Kawasaki and Bridgestone, who explained the results of extensive analysis of the defective tyre which caused the Japanese rider to crash at 300km/h on the Mugello straight last Sunday.

Bridgestone demonstrated how they have combated the problem with a revised specification tyre for Barcelona, with initial supplies already at the track and further tyres arriving by air-freight from Japan over the weekend.

"We are all very impressed with the effort they have made in the four days since Mugello," commented Eckl. "I was surprised they could achieve so much in such a short time, but they have explained things in detail, and they feel they understand the problem and have found a safe solution.

"I'm confident that Bridgestone have done a good job. Most importantly, our riders Shinya and Alex can now concentrate on their riding this weekend."

After being cleared by x-rays of any serious injuries, and following just a couple of days rest in Barcelona, Nakano was back into training mid-week with just a slightly bruised back to report ahead of the first day of qualifying at Catalunya.

"I'm feeling fine and even though the Mugello crash was really fast I understand what happened there," commented the 26 year old, who has an apartment in Barcelona where he lives during the season.

"Although it's not easy to put everything aside mentally I'm ready to concentrate on riding here - this is my job. I remember the crash, it was instant with no time to control it, and my main thought was to not hit the concrete wall at Mugello, and the relief that my body was okay."


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