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Blata postpones V6 debut

Blata postpones V6 debut

Blata postpones V6 debut

Czech manufacturer Blata have announced that their V6 MotoGP prototype won't be ready for their home Grand Prix this weekend at Brno, as previously scheduled. The manufacturer joined forces with the WCM team last year, but the development of the new machine, and the set-up of a new racing department, took longer than expected.

"The motorcycle exists physically, it is standing on it's own wheels. It isn't complete though, and there is no sense in introducing something, that isn't finished," said company founder and CEO Pavel Blata.

"With this, I would like to react to the false information in some media reports about this entire project. We have completed the chassis, that is the frame and the rear swing arm and also many other components. The majority of the parts of the motor itself are almost all finished as well."

"We were slowed down during the development, but that is something you can't avoid when you are working on something completely new. It has happened to us many times, that we have announced the date we will roll out with our project, and didn't do so. Therefore, I will not set any further dates on when we will present this motorcycle."

"We are aware of the fact that this incident may affect our great name in the design area, production and sales of small cubature motorcycles, and worldwide credit of Blata, but this does not change our plan to finish our ongoing project. I believe that our internal decision will be understood. I am very sad about this whole situation, and I take it as a personal failure. On the other hand, it motivates my employees and myself to bring the intentions that we announced a year ago to the motorcycle world, to an end."

"During the year we were able to accomplish a great amount of work. After a year we can say that we dealt with many problems that we didn't know of at the beginning of the development of the Blata V6. We don't want to say that we don't have any other worries connected to the whole development of this prototype, but in the end these worries should not stop us."

"The Blata factory isn't so big that we don't care about what is going on in the world with our products. We often, and more recently now than before, have to face up to the fact that our products are being copied. We don't want to use this as an excuse for the delay in completion of our project, but it is a fact that we would like worldwide manufacturers to realize, because the same could happen to them too. We had to use a lot of resources to avoid these problems. This, of course, serves to take our attention away from work that should be our priority. The motorcycle business is tough, just like motorcycle sports, and every loss teaches you how to fight better."


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