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125cc Quotes

125cc Quotes

125cc Quotes

Thomas Luthi

I´m very happy to be back on the podium, and a victory is just fantastic. The race wasn't so easy at the start, there werewet and dry parts on the track. I spoke with my team and they said to go out on slicks, and late on in the race some guys on intermediates got in front which was great. I had a plan for the last lap, but then Alvaro slowed down so it was a little easier.

Mika Kallio

Tyre choice was important, we made a mistake before by not using the right tyres, so I couldn't follow Thomas and Alvaro. I thought maybe it was possible to get a podium before then, later it seemed out of reach. When Bautista stopped it was good for me. Third place is like victory for me today after making a tyre error.

Fabrizio Lai

The season has been really difficult, I thought that I made a slight error here today which cost me some metres, and so it was down to Alvaro Bautista's problem that I am on the podium at all.
The team have worked hard to turn the season around, so I want to dedicate this third place to them.


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