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Ezpeleta gives update on proposal for new class

Ezpeleta gives update on proposal for new class

There was another Grand Prix Commission meeting on Saturday at the Catalunya circuit on the possible creation of a new four-stroke class to replace the 250cc category.

A meeting of the Grand Prix Commission at the Circuit de Catalunya on Saturday saw the MSMA (Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association) respond to Dorna´s recent proposal for a four-stroke intermediate World Championship class - to be introduced in 2011.

Dorna Sports´ CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta explained, `The MSMA gave their response to proposal we made regarding the 250cc category. By majority the members of the MSMA decided that the replacement of the 250cc class must be to teach and to prepare riders for MotoGP. In order to achieve that the class must be as competitive as possible, while still being as cheap as possible. So the proposal from MSMA would be to go to 600cc four-cylinder four-stroke.´

`So the other members of the Grand Prix Commission, the FIM, IRTA and Dorna, will study the proposal. Then on the Friday at Assen when we are there for the Grand Prix there will be another Grand Prix Commission meeting. Presumably, if everything is going well the next step will be to ask the manufacturers, `who is interested in this class?´ Depending on the number of manufacturers interested we will all decide together what will be the best technical specification for the engine in a new category.´

The Grand Prix Commission is made up of the FIM's Road-Racing Commission President Claude Danis, IRTA President Herve Poncharal, MSMA Secretary General Takanao Tsobouchi, Race Director Paul Butler as Secretary General, and Mr Ezpeleta as President of the Commission.

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