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Aoyama aiming for return in eight weeks

Aoyama aiming for return in eight weeks

The Interwetten Honda MotoGP rider is currently out of action after fracturing a vertebra, but hopes to return to racing in two months. Here he discusses his condition and rehabilitation in a video interview.

Hiroshi Aoyama has started his recovery from the fractured T12 vertebra that has interrupted his debut season in the premier class, and the Interwetten Honda MotoGP rider says if all goes well he hopes to make a return to racing in two months.

Currently resting at home in Barcelona after a medical consultation with Doctor Enrique Cáceres Palou (Head of the Spinal Unit in the Orthopaedic, Traumatology and Sporting Medicine Department at the USP Insitut Universitari Dexeus) over his condition the Japanese rider spoke about his injury, which he suffered in the warm up session at Silverstone 11 days ago.

“The pain is quite stable and is getting better, but my condition is not perfect. We have just had a meeting with the doctor and whilst my injury was not in a good place it was not too bad,” explained the 2009 250cc World Champion. “I think we can start a little bit of exercise and everything depends on my pain. I think the situation is not really good, but not horrible, and I can still recover.”

Discussing the highside which resulted in his injury, Aoyama continued: “As riders we are always risking crashing and breaking something, but it’s always when you are not thinking about crashing that you do. This time I was also not expecting the crash but when I landed on the ground I had so much pain and I immediately understood that I had a problem in my back.”

The injury came at a time when the 28 year-old was starting to feel the benefits of his progress, having gained in experience in his four MotoGP races before the accident.

“I wanted to continue showing the team, sponsors and those who have always supported me that we are getting better (on the track) but unfortunately now I am in this condition and I cannot ride for a few races,” said Aoyama, who went on to discuss a projected recovery period.

“I think now I have two months, or in the worst case I have three months to think, and the first part of the season was not so bad. We were improving and progressing in every race, so it’s a pity that now I cannot ride a bike, but I think during this time I have to prepare my condition to be in the best condition to come back.”

Doctor Cáceres Palou said following the Wednesday consultation: “Hiro has a bad fracture and has lost 25% of the length of the vertebra. He has been lucky because he doesn’t have any neurological damage. We have tried to prescribe the best treatment which in this case is a conservative one, with Orthosis, for two months. Next week he can start exercising.”

“Approximately, if our idea of the recovery period is correct, it’s possible that in two months he can start racing. The recovery is led by the physiotherapist with a focus on flexing muscles in the upper limb, and also strengthening the abdominal muscles and the back muscles to help Hiro recover well. The first three weeks are very important.”

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