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Marc Marquez: Anspannung und Konzentration waren unglaublich

Der amtierende Weltmeister feiert beim #SanMarinoGP seinen vierten Saisonsieg.

Repsol Honda Pilot Marc Marquez hat in Misano seinen vierten Saisonsieg gefeiert. Im Regenrennen beim San Marino GP gewann er das Rennen vor Danilo Petrucci und Andrea Dovizioso.

Marquez zog damit in der WM-Tabelle mit Dovizioso bei 199 Punkten für beide gleich.

Marc Márquez: "Das Rennen war unglaublich. Man kann sich die Anspannung und Konzentration gar nicht vorstellen, es war so schwer, die Konzentration zu halten, denn das Rennen war so lang! Im Rennen selbst hat sich das Gefühl verändert. Am Start hatte ich etwas mehr Probleme, dann war es ok, aber am Ende habe ich mich richtig gut gefühlt. Dann habe ich an die WM gedacht und gedacht, dass Zweiter ok sein würde, aber dann habe ich mir überlegt, dass ich das Potenzial für den Sieg habe und ich werde es versuche, denn am Ende in Valencia weiß man nie, ob fünf Punkte fehlen."

Now it's back from enemy territory and onto home turf at MotorLand Aragon, where Marquez' speed is unmatched - with six pole positions in the last seven years...

Marc Marquez, P1: “The race was amazing. You can’t imagine the tension and focus, so difficult to keep concentration because the race was so long. During the race the feeling was changing, at the start I was struggling more, then I was ok but towards the end is when I felt better. Then I started thinking about the Championship and thought second was enough, but then I thought ‘ok, I have the potential to win and I’ll try because you never know if at the end in Valencia you’ll miss those five points’.

Marc Marquez: Die Anspannung und Konzentration waren unglaublich.

“During the race I was trying to follow Danilo and other riders because after the Warm up crash…I think that was a good crash, if I hadn’t crashed then I would have crashed in the race. That gave me a warning. I was just trying to follow Danilo, and then the pass I prepared well. I didn’t want to fight with him here at Misano, I wanted to overtake him and then push for one lap – I didn’t want to risk it for more than one lap, or on the final corner.

“Before the race was so difficult after watching Moto2 and Moto3, because there were so many crashes for the top guys and you know you have to finish the race. I knew if I crashed and Dovi finished second or third, the Championship would be difficult. But you need to understand and manage that kind of pressure, which I tried to do and that was the best way. Now it’s incredible. The Championship is incredible and you never know what will happen. After the race at Silverstone I was disappointed but it was important to come back strong and for that reason I took the risk, because normally at Misano I struggle a lot. Now we got to Aragon and I’ll try to make it. Dovizioso is strong at every circuit and Ducati is strong at every circuit, and it will be tight. And Viñales is not very far off.”

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