Dr Mir: “Rabat has five fractures”

MotoGP™ medical director gives an update on the former Moto2™ World Champion after successful surgery in Barcelona

Tito Rabat (Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS) suffered a tough crash in the first test of 2017 at Sepang International Circuit, with the Spaniard falling at Turn 11 and suffering multiple injuries in the incident. motogp.com caught up with one of the men who successfully operated on Rabat upon his return to Barcelona, Dr Xavier Mir, at the Hospital Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona.

Dr Mir: “Tito crashed during the Malaysia test. After the being transferred to Kuala Lumpur for a check, it was deemed safe for him to return here for surgery if he chose to do so, which he did. After a check up, he was found to have five fractures. He has two broken wrists, has broken fifth metacarpals in both hands, and a fracture in his foot. As well as that, he has lost skin and soft tissue from his knee, which is the injury that concerns us more. An MRI scan revealed that the injury to his knee is only to the skin and tissue below the skin. Yesterday we repaired the fracture to his right hand, plated and put screws in the radius fracture and the fifth metacarpal, and cleaned the wound on his knee – which permitted us to close it; something we had been worried would prove difficult.”

The worry for the 2014 Moto2™ World Champion moving forward is infection – with recuperation time as yet an unknown.

Dr Mir: “What worries us more, and the reason why he will be kept admitted, is that the injury to his knee was very dirty – with some remains of asphalt and leather in the wound – and it could become infected. So he will remain under observation for four days and we shall see. We will try to cut his recovery time short as much as possible, but first he has to get through the first four days and check he has no fever – so we can rule out infection. After that, we’ll start the recovery process proper to get him back to full health as soon as possible – when that will be, I don’t know.”

Rabat’s return to the department to which MotoGP™ traumatology director Mir belongs – at the Hospital Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona – is understandable; having been voted the best in Spain according to the Index of Hospital Excellence. The EG0,0 Marc VDS rider will remain under observation and have another check up in 48 hours, with a clearer picture of recovery time then expected.