Provisional 2019 team entries released

29 Moto3™, 32 Moto2™ and 22 MotoGP™ entries have provisionally been accepted to participate next season

Applications for participation in the Moto3™ and Moto2™ classes in 2019 were considered by the Selection Committee during the Austrian and British Grands Prix.

Teams provisionally selected were given the deadline of 20 September to confirm details of their riders and machines and to lodge with IRTA a security deposit to guarantee their eventual participation.

The Selection Committee met again on 20 September to review the applications and confirm final acceptance.

The conclusion is that in 2019 there will be 16 teams in Moto3™ providing 29 entries. In Moto2 there will be 18 teams providing 32 entries.

In parallel with the selection process for these classes, Dorna and IRTA have been concluding arrangements with Factories and Independent teams to finalise entries for the MotoGP™ class. This has resulted in an entry of 11 teams providing 22 entries.

Teams selected have the right to announce the details of their team including sponsors, riders and machines. The final entry lists will be published by the FIM during the Valencia GP, respecting the fact that the 2019 season starts on the day after that event.

A list of teams accepted for all classes and the number of entries granted to each team is listed below.