MotoGP™ rookie Martin exhibits motocross skills on YouTube

The Spaniard gave us a behind the scenes look at his trip to Red Sand MX Park as he continues his pre-season preparations

Jorge Martin will be one of the new names on the MotoGP™ grid in 2021, as he will don the Pramac Racing colours alongside Johann Zarco. As one of the brightest prospects in the competition, many will be eager to see how he adapts to the power of a premier class bike.

In preparation for the step up, he has already been spotted getting a pre-season workout done in Jerez, and now he has given his fans a behind the scenes look at another training method ahead of the first Official Test - motocross. Posting his trip to Red Sand MX Park on his own Youtube channel, Martin was keen to demonstrate his ability on a sand track. 

Jorge Martin_YT

"Welcome to my second video of the channel," begins Martin. "We are on our way to the track, a motocross track that is sand and I have never tried sand. So it will be a bit difficult, especially at the beginning, I was told, to adapt to these conditions. But I am already looking forward to it. Looking forward to arriving, testing how it feels and trying to improve most importantly. Motocross is a training that I use a lot to prepare during the preseason and I go with a couple of friends to enjoy. Gas!"

"Well, very difficult first contact. The truth is that everything moves a lot and it has cost me a bit. I have only done three laps and my forearm is like a stone. I have already done almost all the jumps and, well, little by little. Now in a while when it gets better, I'll put the camera on my chest and show you from the bike, first-hand, how it feels and how complicated it is."

"We have already finished the day in the sand. The truth is that it is very difficult, but a lot of fun. It is difficult for me because ruts are made, which are like small channels in all the curves and also in the ramps of the jumps it is difficult. That you get an idea, more or less, this is how the bike reacts when you get lost. You have to always be super focused and this is what happens"

"You have already seen it, super difficult. You have to always be 100%. Very happy. One more day of training, there is less left to take the MotoGP™. I hope you like this video. I have seen that the channel is getting a lot of support. I'll keep uploading things. A big hug!"

Jorge Martin_YT
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