Brad Binder's guide to being a top Sunday rider

Last On The Brakes is back following the summer break and the guys return with the brilliant Brad Binder

As MotoGP™ returns this weekend, so does the Last On The Brakes podcast with Matt Dunn and Fran Wyld hosting an unmissable conversation with the brilliant Brad Binder (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing). The South African burst onto the scene in 2020 by taking KTM's first-ever MotoGP™ victory in only his third race, before making a name for himself as the best 'Sunday rider' on the premier class grid.

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But what makes a good Sunday rider? What's the mindset you need to be able to scythe your way through the most competitive MotoGP™ grid we've ever seen? Let's find out from the man himself as the former Moto3™ World Champion outlines exactly how he tackles a race weekend to make sure he always peaks at 2pm on a Sunday.

"I always find that when things are stacked against you and things are really difficult," started the factory KTM man. "If you just really stick to your programme, do things the way you know how that works for you, you're always going to climb out the other side. So I really just tried to stick to my programme during the week, train as hard as I can, or the right amount, you know, don't overdo things as well. And I have the same days, the same week, the same routine. And when it comes to race week, I just feel ready and arrive on Friday morning."

Binder is keen to point out that MotoGP™ is very much a team sport, with his KTM colleagues playing a vital role in making a successful weekend. The 25-year-old has been with the Austrian outfit since 2015 with that chemistry between the pair invaluable.

"I have such a huge amount of faith in my team and all the people around me and KTM has done an unbelievable job already. I believe the bike is at a point where we can be strong enough to fight every single weekend for the podiums or wins, as Miguel has shown in the last three races. So, I just really believe it's time to buckle down and try and get there.

"It's one of the great things I've always found with KTM, in Moto3 and Moto2 with Aki, and now in MotoGP as well, if something's not going right, it's not you. Nothing's ever singled out. We try to approach everything as a team. And when we have a problem, we solve it together. Our great days are great together and the bad days we… you know, we're in the s**t together too. So that's one thing that I must say that KTM is incredible with even when things haven't gone right. They've always been there and backed me 110%. So yeah, I must say thank you to them for that because that's definitely made the tough times in my career a whole lot better.

"You know my team well enough, and I have the most awesome guys in the box. I think the coolest thing is, I'm always really excited to get to the track as well. It's not like going to work by any means, it's coming here and I see all my mates pretty much. I get on so well with my crew. And I really love being at the track and just riding my bike pretty much."

Listen to the latest episode of Last On The Brakes ahead of Binder and KTM's home Grand Prix in Austria, and you'll also hear him detail why he decided to sign a mammoth three-year contract with the orange army earlier this year. A fascinating insight with one of MotoGP™'s most likeable characters, it's definitely not one you want to miss!

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