Red Bull GP of The Americas: new look time schedule in place

A different schedule than normal will be seen at this weekend’s Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas – see here for details

There will be a new look time schedule in place for this weekend’s Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas, with the Moto2™ class venturing out first on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Track action begins at 09:00 local time (GMT-5) with the intermediate class, which will be followed by MotoGP™ at 09:55 and Moto3™ at 10:55. The whole weekend follows this pattern, with Saturday’s qualifying sessions looking like this: Moto2™ at 12:35, MotoGP™ at 14:10, and Moto3™ at 15:10.

Race day at the magnificent Circuit of The Americas kicks off with Warm Ups at 09:20, again beginning with the Moto2™ class, before the racing gets underway at 11:20. The intermediate class are first up, followed by MotoGP™ at 13:00 and Moto3™, the final race of the day, at 14:30.

The time schedule in full can be seen below in local time, but you can click HERE to view the schedule in your own time zone.

12:00-13:00   Pre-Event Press Conference

09:00-09:40    Moto2™    FP1
09:55-10:40   MotoGP™   FP1
10:55-11:35   Moto3™    FP1

13:15-13:55    Moto2™    FP2
14:10-14:55    MotoGP™    FP2
15:10-15:50    Moto3™    FP2

09:00-09:40    Moto2™    FP3
09:55-10:40   MotoGP™   FP3
10:55-11:35   Moto3™    FP3

12:35-12:50   Moto2™   Q1
13:00-13:15   Moto2™    Q2
13:30-14:00   MotoGP™   FP4
14:10-14:25   MotoGP™ Q1
14:35-14:50   MotoGP™   Q2
15:10-15:25   Moto3™    Q1
15:35-15:50   Moto3™    Q2

09:20-09:30   Moto2™   WARM UP
09:40-10:00   MotoGP™   WARM UP
10:10-10:20   Moto2™    WARM UP

11:20    Moto2™    RACE
13:00   MotoGP™    RACE
14:30   Moto3™     RACE

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