Racing Together: Making A Difference officially launches

Check out the new website to find out how the sport is creating positive change through various initiatives

A brand-new website has been launched to showcase the various initiatives MotoGP™ is powering to create positive change throughout the world. You can head to the new website by clicking HERE, and you can find out exactly what Racing Together: Making A Difference means and how it is being implemented throughout the world's best motorsport.

MotoGP™ is a global platform with the power to build positive initiatives for people, the community and the environment. This is made possible through the continuous development of the cooperation and partnership with our stakeholders, Racing Together: Making A Difference for the impact of our sport.

You, the fans, are at the heart of MotoGP™. Your passion and drive make the sport what it is, and inspire us to keep pushing boundaries in our search for more. Racing Together: Making A Difference is our commitment to all MotoGP™ fans and to the wider world – powering progress, creating positive change and making a difference, on and off track.

So head to our brand-new website now to find out more about our Official Charity Two Wheels For Life, our race towards a smoke-free era and the continuing work on the fuel of the future that we'll see from 2024 onwards.


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