Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya embraces green culture

For the tenth year running, the famous circuit is continuing to promote a sustainable future

For the tenth consecutive year, the Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya is embracing a sustainable culture to try and make the Monster Energy Catalan Grand Prix as green as possible. The circuit has a number of initiatives running across the weekend with the idea they can reduce the carbon emissions of the Grand Prix as much as possible.

First, the circuit is actively promoting that the thousands of fans set to attend the event do so by public transport, carpooling or electric vehicles. 22,000 additional seats have been made available by the local train operators, plus they've put on a special schedule to ensure an average frequency of 4 trains per hour. Then, a bus transfer from the Montmeló station to the Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya, passing through all of the gates, will be provided.

Charging points for electric vehicles can be found at several locations around the circuit. They're also supporting local food producers to make sure the distance travelled to the circuit is as little as possible. Next, the circuit is using 100% renewable energy across the weekend, as well as having low-emission generators. 

The circuit is hanging posters around its facilities to raise awareness about the importance of not wasting food. It does so through its Stop Food Waste campaign. In addition, all of the surplus food will be collected and donated to a local diner, El Xiprer. Reusable cups will be distributed at the catering points in order to avoid generating waste, and the profits from these cups will be used to finance the forestry care of the track.

Talking of the forestry around the scenic circuit, an educational campaign in one of its main green areas, the Crater Forest, has been organised. A demonstration of sustainable forest management, in order to raise awareness among all the attendants about the care of nature and the environment in general, will take place during the weekend. Furthermore, several Sustainability Meeting Points are set up, information points about the actions carried out by the Catalan circuit. All the public areas will have clearly differentiated containers for the attendees to recycle during the sporting event.

As if all this were not enough, the celebration of the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya coincides with the celebration of World Environment Day, something that the Catalan track will mark with the rightful importance.

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