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Autódromo Internacional do Algarve

Eingebettet in die wunderschöne Umgebung der portugiesischen Algarve wurde am 2. November 2008 das Autodromo Internacional do Algarve mit einer Kapazität von 100.000 Personen eröffnet. Umgangssprachlich wie die Rennstrecke wie die Hafenstadt Portimao genannt, die eine halbe Stunde außerhalb liegt. Der moderne Kurs wurde einst von der WorldSBK eingeweiht als sie für ihre Finalrunde nach Portugal reisten - aber es handelt sich dabei nicht nur um eine Rennstrecke. Der Algarve Motorsports Park ist ein hochmoderner Komplex mit einer atemberaubenden Rennstrecke, einer Go-Kart-Piste, einem Offroad-Park, einem Hotel, Apartmentkomplex, einem Technologiepark sowie einem Sportkomplex. Das Layout des Autodromo Internacional do Algarve umfasst insgesamt 15 Kurven - neun rechts und sechs links. Die Hügel in Portimao sind unglaublich. Die vordere Gerade ermöglicht es den MotoGP™-Fahrern, ihre Maschinen wirklich ans Limit zu bringen, bevor der Asphalt in die einzigartige Kurve 1 abfällt.
Grande Prémio Tissot de Portugal Track

Strecke nach Kategorie

Kategorie Runden Gesamtdistanz Ende im Falle einer roten Flagge
MotoGP™ 25 114,8 Km / 71,33 Miles 19
Moto2™ 21 96,43 Km / 59,92 Miles 16
Moto3™ 19 87,25 Km / 54,21 Miles 14
MotoE™ 7 32,14 Km / 19,97 Miles 5


  • Gesamtlänge

    4,59Km / 2,85 Miles

  • Streckenbreite

    18m / 59,06ft

  • Längste Gerade

    970m / 3182.41ft

  • Rechtskurven


  • Linkskurven


Nestled in the beautiful setting of Portugal’s Algarve, the 100,000 capacity Autodromo Internacional do Algarve – known more colloquially as Portimao, after the port city it sits half an hour outside – was opened on the 2nd of November, 2008.

Algarve, Portimão, Portugal

The circuit was inaugurated by WorldSBK when they headed to Portugal for their final round of that season – but it’s not just a racetrack. The Algarve Motorsports Park is a state-of-the-art complex which boasts the stunning race track, a go-kart track, an off-road park, a hotel, an apartment complex, a technology park and a sports complex – it really is the bee’s knees. In terms of the actual circuit layout, the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve has 15 corners – nine right, six left. The undulation in Portimao is incredible and the front straight will allow the MotoGP™ riders to really stretch the legs of their machines, before a unique downhill descend into Turn 1. There’s a reason it gets called a high-speed rollercoaster, it’s a thrill for riders and fans alike.

Why we love Portugal and Portimão

In the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal’s borders have changed little since it became an independent nation in the 12th century. The country is framed by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and Spain to the north and east, with mountain ranges and the Minho and Guadiana rivers marking the border with Spain’s Portuguese neighbours. The Portuguese are a relaxed and friendly bunch, while the country’s diversity, with its forests and mountains inland and its coastline of fantastic beaches and colourful cities, provides many adventures and lasting memories for visitors. Indeed, Portugal’s two main cities - Lisbon and Porto - reflect the country’s former prestige and power as a maritime superpower between the 14th and 18th centuries, with expansion into South America and parts of Africa and Asia making this small nation very rich in the past. The diversity and multiculturalism of Portugal’s major cities is evident in the Angolan, Brazilian and Mozambican influences on contemporary Portuguese culture. In the south of the country is the Algarve International Circuit, near Portimão in the Algarve, Portugal’s most popular region for holidaymakers, with fantastic beaches and an unbeatable climate all year round.

Finding the right accommodation

The central coast of the Algarve between Lagos and Faro, which includes Albufeira and Portimão, all within comfortable driving distances from the circuit, is lined with guesthouses, villas, hotels and campsites. Really you are spoiled for choice here and there is accommodation to suit all budgets, with well-organized and clean campsites, rental apartments, luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts, in addition to plush private villas all easy to find. Albufeira (a 40 min drive) and Lagos (a 30 min drive) are both pleasant places to stay, little coastal towns such as Alvor, Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra are good options and Portimão itself has plenty to offer.

Tips for visiting Portimão and the Algarve

Away from some of the main tourist traps on the coast, where prices are often hiked, keep an eye out for bars, cafes and restaurants catering more for the locals than for visitors and you will be amazed by the quality of the affordable food and wine in the Algarve and throughout other regions of Portugal. When it comes to local dishes, fresh seafood from the Atlantic is the order of the day, with clams, oysters and cockles served in a variety of manners including stews, casseroles and rice dishes. The fresh fish is first class in this region and cooked over charcoal grills it tastes sublime – try the mackerel or in Portimão go for grilled sardines, which are a local favourite. Most of Portugal is easy to get around in just a few days and if you fancy a road trip from the Algarve head three hours drive north to Portugal’s trendy and evolving capital city Lisbon, where classic and contemporary architecture and culture will blow you away.


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