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Independent Teams erhalten mehr Zuwendungen

Die Nicht-Werksteams werden ab 2017 von der Dorna noch mehr unterstützt.

Independent Teams mit mehr Unterstützung

From 2017 onwards Independent Teams will receive money to cover the maximum cost of a bike from any of the six manufacturers in the MotoGP™ World Championship. This came as part of a new agreement between IRTA and the teams, lasting until 2017. The cost is set to be capped at a maximum of 2.2 Million Euros, giving an Independent Team two bikes for a single rider. Were another manufacturer to enter or return to the grid, they would run under one of the current Independent Teams.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, Dorna Sports CEO: “In Assen we renewed with IRTA for the next five years. Since then we have signed an agreement between IRTA and the seven Independent Teams in the MotoGP class. From now till 2021 this gives the teams the exclusive right to participate as Independent Teams. Lucio and LCR will have the chance to expand to fill the grid with a second bike for a total of 24 bikes, then all the teams have two slots. Never will there be more than 24 bikes, this is important. From 2016 to 2017 the payments to the teams is almost 100% more, with this money from IRTA the teams will be able to cover the cost of the bikes and improve stability in the championship. Thank you to the teams and IRTA for helping and making the championship sustainable.”