MotoGP™ Cryptobilia: the first blockchain memorabilia

Digital assets you can own and collect arrive in sport, and Dorna’s Official License is the world’s first

The huge Sports Memorabilia market, worth $370 billion worldwide, is soon to be joined by the world’s first collectable digital sport memorabilia, produced using blockchain technology. Dorna Sports is delighted to lead this revolution in a new partnership with SingularCK, offering collectors the world’s first Official Licensed collection of crypto Icons – Cryptobilia.

As with a crypto-currency, any asset produced using blockchain can be verified as original and unique - they cannot be copied or faked. Simply using an everyday bank card, the collector has direct access to this very latest technology - opening this new world to every home.

Purchasing boxes of four randomly selected Icons, the collector can build a full grid of each season of the FIM MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ World Championships. Collections of past years and MotoGP™ Legends will soon follow so the collector can build a crypto gallery of the history of the sport, too. Cryptobilia also provides a unique market place where they can swap or trade Icons, purchase specific Icons to complete their collection or sell doubled up Icons.

The technology also offers the collector one more feature unique to blockchain - the design of the Icon is fluid. It reflects the rider’s performance after each race in the season. The Icons change status and the results and achievements of the rider are constantly updated until the end of the year, when they are cemented in history... ready to start again next season.

Asked where the brand name came from, Egidio Messito, CEO of SingularCK, says, "It is simply a blend of crypto and memorabilia and describes our product perfectly. The most important feature is this is all available to everyone in the street."

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director at Dorna Sports, adds, "We are very excited to be the first sport in the world to embrace this new technology - it offers our fans a totally new concept to engage with their heroes."

Cryptobilia will be arriving very soon - go to the home page to register and be there from the beginning.