Brand new TV graphics make 2019 better than ever

Take a look at some of the spectacular new graphics that will bring you even closer to the action this season

To make the 2019 season even more exciting, Dorna Sports and MotoGP™ are providing new and updated TV graphics to offer you more insight than ever through your TV screens.

During Free Practice sessions, new graphics will show fans which riders are within a second of each other on the left-hand side results tower, in addition to showing you who were the top riders in each factory during a session.


Dorna have also remarked the ‘Motion Tracker’ for the 2019 season. One of these improvements is displaying the ‘Acceleration From’ any corner, as well as the ‘Braking From’ graphic. New corner speed graphics are also in place, as well as the ever impressive lean angle graphics.


Moreover, viewers will now get to see new ‘Bike Tech’ graphics, highlighting new parts to any particular machine.


As well as this, fans will also have more information about the location of where the Grand Prix is being held. City information, points of interest near the circuits and local wildlife will all have graphics. A nice geography and nature lesson for fans alongside the action on track…

There will also be new names for lap records this season: ‘Fastest Lap’, ‘New Best Race Lap’ and ‘New All Time Lap Record’ will make it clearer for the fans if a rider sets a record time.


And we also have data graphics for the Moto2™ class. The graphic, looking at the rider from a head-on point of view, will display the km/h, mph and gear they’re in at any given point on the circuit.


Every thousandth of a second is crucial in MotoGP™ and now, you can see the gaps between riders during a lap in greater detail than ever. With this new ‘Active Gap’ graphic, you can see the ‘current gap’ between two riders, as well as how much the gap has increased or decreased through each of the four sectors – an in-depth look at where each rider is gaining, or losing, an advantage over the rider behind.

These are just some of the many graphics updates that Dorna will be bringing you in 2019. Plenty of other novelties are waiting to be viewed by fans this year, so be prepared to be involved in the action like never before!

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