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Chang International Circuit

Dessiné par l’architecte allemand Hermann Tilke, le Circuit International de Buriram a été inauguré en 2014 et figure au calendrier MotoGP™ pour la toute première fois en 2018. Situé à près de 400 km au nord-est de Bangkok, Buriram, nom de la ville comme de la province, signifie littéralement “cité du bonheur” et est caractérisée par le climat chaud et humide typique du Sud-Est asiatique.

La piste est longue de 4,554 km, comprend 12 virages et accueille le Championnat du Monde FIM Motul Superbike depuis 2015. Des infrastructures modernes permettent au circuit de jouir d’une capacité d’accueil de 100 000 spectateurs.

OR Thailand Grand Prix  Track

Suivre par catégorie

Catégorie Tours Distance totale Fin en cas de drapeau rouge
MotoGP™ 26 118,4 Km / 73,57 Miles 20
Moto2™ 22 100,19 Km / 62,25 Miles 17
Moto3™ 19 86,53 Km / 53,76 Miles 14

Spécificités du circuit

  • Longueur totale

    4,55Km / 2,83 Miles

  • Largeur de la piste

    12m / 39,37ft

  • Ligne droite la plus longue

    1 000m / 3280.84ft

  • Virages à droite


  • Virages à gauche


In March 2015, Thailand became the latest Asian country to host a world-class motorcycling event, with the Superbike World Championship held at the state-of-the-art Chang International Circuit.

Buriram, Thailand

The venue was opened in 2014, earning FIM Grade A and FIA Grade 1 classifications, and now strives to attract the biggest names in two and four-wheel motorsports.

2018 marked the first year MotoGP™ made its way to the Chang International Circuit.

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Why we love Thailand and Buriram

Most people who visit this beautiful and enchanting South East Asian country with its fantastic food, tropical climate, distinctive local culture, stunning countryside, lush forests and incredible beaches, leave Thailand wishing they could stay longer – and in some cases forever!

Thailand has become a magnet for tourists from around the world, many of whom flock to the country’s famously frenetic capital city of Bangkok - known locally as Krung Thep. Meanwhile, the former capital of Siam, Ayutthaya, is a historical city recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Buriram area is one of the North-eastern provinces of Thailand, while the town of Buriram has approximately 30,000 inhabitants and sits 400 km (a five-hour drive) to the northeast of Bangkok.

Visitors can expect to enjoy a warm welcome from the enthusiastic and friendly locals, and an ever-increasing passion for motorcycle racing evident.

Finding the right accommodation

If you want to stay close to the circuit, you will be in or around the town of Buriram itself and while there is a decent amount of accommodation available be sure to book well in advance of the race weekend as hotels do get fully booked with the organisers, teams, and fans rolling into town. Booking online and in advance will usually get you a much lower price.

Guesthouses are the cheapest option and expect to pay 500 baht (USD 15) per night for a private room with internet access, plus daily room service – however, you may find that some only include shared bathroom facilities.

Local style Thai hotels are priced around 200 baht-800 baht ($6 - USD 23) per night with the higher end of this scale meaning you get air conditioning and a TV in your room, plus the benefit of a private bathroom.

Hotels catering more towards tourists cost around 1000 baht (USD 29) per night and may offer a swimming pool for guests. Business-centric or hotels at the luxury end will cost from 4000 baht ($116) per night and are indistinguishable from top quality hotels elsewhere in the world.

Exploring Buriram city and province

Once you arrive in the town of Buriram, head out to start exploring the shops and restaurants – taking the opportunity to sample the nightlife of Sro Ground (Walking Street), from the south end of Romburi Street to the Romburi / Phi-thak intersection, which is closed off to vehicles in the evening.

If you have the opportunity to venture further afield, there is Prasat Phanom Rung 40km to the south of Buriram – a Khmer temple situated on top of an inactive volcano. The site is home to an extensive collection of Khmer sculptures, glorifying the Hindu god Shiva and three rare Naga bridges, the only examples of their kind in Thailand.

Tips for visiting Buriram city and province

Primarily classified as rural, Buriram province is located in the Isan region (Northeast Thailand), and much of the local economy outside Buriram city itself is still agricultural.

Situated off the more well-known tourist paths around Thailand, Buriram has a very traditional air to it. However, that doesn’t detract from the area warmly welcoming those that visit. The opening of the Chang International Circuit means increasingly more people are discovering the rustic charms of the province.

Buriram Airport is the only airport in Buriram Province and is served by Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport. The town of Buriram can also be reached by car from Bangkok in just a few hours.

Once in the city, it is easy to get about in with tuk-tuks (small local taxis), or on rental motorbikes or cars. Governed by rules only known to the locals, Thai roads can also come with substantial amounts of traffic, so ride or drive with caution and cover longer distances during daytime to be safer. Hiring a driver can help solve this for those wanting to use a car.

Thai food offers up a large variety of rice and noodle-based dishes, soups, curries, and salads. In Buriram, the local Isan cuisine is distinctly different from central Thai food. Examples of the best-known dishes are Som tam (spicy salad made with papayas) and Gai yaang (roast chicken).


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