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Freddie Spencer will be forever synonymous with the beginning of the wave of phenomenal American racing talent that dominated the podiums of the premier class through the 1980s and into the 1990s. Spencer’s historic 250cc and 500cc double title winning season in 1985 has also never been repeated and marks his place in the annals of the sport.

Like his near-predecessors Kenny Roberts and Randy Mamola, Spencer cut his teeth in dirt-track and Superbike racing. He participated in two Grands Prix - one in 1980 and one in 1981 - before he enjoyed his first full season in the World Championship with Honda in 1982, when he finished third, winning two Grands Prix and taking six podiums. At 20 years of age his victory at Spa made him the youngest premier-class winner ever; a record that still stands to this day. Indeed, 1983 was the first championship year for Spencer (making him the youngest MotoGP winner in the history of the sport). He went head-to-head with Roberts and the title was decided by just two points at the final race.

Development problems with the new V-4 NSR500 in 1984 did not permit a valid title defence but he dominated the following year, winning seven races on the 250cc machine and then seven on the NSR to seal both crowns.

1985 was the last time the World Championship really saw the best of Spencer. Injury problems and several aborted comebacks saw him finally vanish from the 500cc class at the beginning of the new decade. He dabbled with Superbike racing but eased into retirement and ran a racing school in Las Vegas for a period of time.

Aside from his spectacular achievements, which included 27 Grand Prix wins and 39 podiums in both 250 and MotoGP, Spencer is also remembered as a racer for his cheery disposition and his remarkable natural talent.