This is MotoGP™: Precision, by Maverick Viñales

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP’s Maverick Viñales shares his thoughts on precision

Power without control is useless. It’s worth saying, yes, but it’s something I’ve had in mind since my early ventures into the world of motorcycles. All the riding styles are respectable and feed the competitiveness at the pinnacle of our sport, but every rider has their own take on it and I have always opted to make time for precision. Caring for the intricacies on the body of the bike can make a difference: in every bend, on every lap and in every race. These are small details that, in the end, might just decide a Championship.

Since I arrived in MotoGP™, I’ve always been very aware of the category’s high demands and to rub shoulders with the fastest rider. With Suzuki I was able to adapt and, after achieving Rookie of the Year, I went faster and faster to achieve a great second season. The margin in which to improve was fine and every detail mattered. To sign with Yamaha – those were big words. Definitely a high point in my career. Since then, I’ve always tried to think how I can be faster with the M1, even though it hasn’t been a simple path.

I’ve always tried to keep up with the best and it’s been very satisfying to ride alongside some of my idols. Pedrosa, for example, has been a hero for my generation, when we were all practically kids. His refined style has been an example to a lot of riders who have advocated for care and maximum precision. And he’s not the only role model to me. I’ve never hidden my admiration for Rossi. When I was young, I paid a lot of attention to how aggressive he was on track. Now his style has evolved with the passing of the seasons, which is a credit to his ability to reinvent himself. He’s an important reference. Adapting to whatever circumstance is key to achieving everything. With a competitive M1, we can both have a chance at the dream.

The victory last season at Phillip Island was liberating. That’s how I felt. I had the impression that I hadn’t been able to give my 100 percent, that the best version of myself was kept under lock and key. I had to break free. It had been too long without a win and, after getting the feeling back this preseason, I want to be there and more. I’ve trained well during the winter and I’ve given my all in the test to try to be as precise as I can on track. The acceleration and braking zones are key points to improve and I’ve focused my work on these aspects with the team, so I can be at the limit with total confidence when I get to the race.

To have a good feeling on the bike is essential to being meticulous on the lines. Sepang is a circuit that requires great precision, there is little margin for error, and the official test was very positive, in both speed and race pace. It’s given us hope after a hard year. To me and all my team. With Julio Simon coming and doing a great job in the last weeks and with Esteban Garcia, also, we worked well and in the right direction. The fine-tuning will be everything. I’m convinced that with their determination we will tighten those small details that make the difference. It’s just a matter of time.

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