MotoGP™ reaches 30 million fans across social media

The world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship is also home to one of the world’s largest fanbases.

The FIM MotoGP™ World Championship has now reached an incredible milestone across digital and social media platforms: 30 million fans. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to YouTube and many more in between, MotoGP™’s fanbase only continues to grow as fans flock to the incredible range of thrilling, exclusive and high-quality content the sport has to offer. MotoGP™ has been a pioneer in digital media since launching the VideoPass in 1999, and innovation within the sphere has since continued to drive the sport forward - including on social media platforms, where MotoGP™ was an early adopter across the board. 

First on YouTube in 2005, and then Twitter and Facebook just a few short years later before joining Instagram in 2013, unprecedented organic growth has seen the sport’s following, reach and engagement ascend to what it is today. That upward trend only continues to climb, reaching new audiences and engaging our millions of fans around the world more than ever before.

The numbers make for the perfect example of this stratospheric growth, as MotoGP™ has consolidated and increased its social media reach and engagement at an unprecedented rate. Comparing August 2019 with August 2020, impressions across social media have increased by 42.6%. Video views have increased by 27%, going up from 338 million to 430 million, and minutes of content viewed by an incredible 97% as they went from 210.3 million to 415 million. Total engagement has increased by 32.7% overall, from 45.6 million this time last year to 60.5 million in August 2020.

Over 13.8 million people keep up to date with MotoGP™ on Facebook, following the sport and adding their say to the reams of content the Championship produces and publishes on the platform. Original and exclusive MotoGP content is also available on Facebook Watch, worldwide, with videos of between three and seven minutes giving fans of the sport another way to enjoy some incredible – and exclusive – content. 

9.7 million followers on Instagram get some of the best digital content MotoGP™ has to offer. Stunning photographs, Instagram Lives with a host of different riders and characters, longer form video content and, new-for-2020, a range of Instagram Reels give a whole other way for fans to see another side to the Championship on one of the world’s biggest and most visually-stunning social media platforms. MotoGP™ was also a launch partner of the new Reels feature, and immediately boasted some of the highest numbers of any sport or other launch partner worldwide.

Nearly three and a half million people connect with MotoGP™ via YouTube. Unrivalled video content of the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship brings fans original series, highlights, interviews, and video of some of the sport’s biggest moments – and the channel also hosts the video episodes of MotoGP™ Podcast Last On The Brakes. 

Want news, fast? 2.7 million MotoGP™ fans head to Twitter. Breaking stories, polls, articles, video clips, updates on the comings and goings of race weekends… Twitter is the place. Gone are the days of simple written updates, with Twitter now offering an unrivalled platform for interactive discussion between Championship and fan, and a place for the audience to connect with the sport and each other.

A global audience 
MotoGP™ is also present on more of the world’s fastest-growing and most talked about social media platforms. From behind-the scenes content on Snapchat to original, contextual clips on TikTok, every key platform has content to suit every MotoGP™ fan – from Mumbai to Manchester, and Jakarta to Johannesburg. There are growing audiences on the horizon too, with Reddit providing an incredible place for discussion, MotoGP™ gaining traction on streaming service Twitch and messaging service Telegram providing another way for the sport to connect with the millions of people worldwide who tune in to see more history made in the world’s oldest motorsport Championship. 

In addition, the MotoGP™ Podcast Last On The Brakes brings in-depth interviews with key paddock personnel to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and many more platforms in audio format, and fans catch get a race weekend catch up with After The Flag podcasts. Podcast ¡Cambia el Mapa! also provides in-depth analysis across the same platforms in Spanish. MotoGP™, as ever, is committed creating the very best content and digital media the sport has to offer – on every platform. 

Here’s to 30 million more!

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