#RacingTogether on World Environment Day

Take a look through some of our biggest initiatives in our mission to make an ever more sustainable sport

Today is World Environment Day and as we head for the Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate sustainability in MotoGP™. The sport continues to set standards, lower emissions and power innovation at a global level, so here are some of the key highlights as we take stock in 2023!

The future is now

Testing is already underway as the sport prepares for our new era of zero carbon fuels. The first step is fuel of a minimum 40% non-fossil origin in 2024, before it rises to 100% from 2027. The fuels are drop-in, meaning ready to use in a standard combustion engine. What’s more, multiple fuels developed with multiple partners means there’s no single proprietor – guaranteeing truly global impact, from MotoGP™ to millions of real people on the street. Two-wheeled transportation is already the most efficient form of powered transport in the world and now, it will become even more so.

Factories and partners are beginning to take their new fuels out on track. For many, there are even multiple options being tested – in the lab, with production motorcycles and out on track with their MotoGP™ machinery. Those who have already begun testing have reported no tangible affects to performance and have found drop-in means just that – with little or no adjustment needed to the machine or engine.

FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship

MotoE™ drives a parallel path of sustainable innovation. Electric mobility can make a key contribution to the fight for lower emissions, especially in urban and metropolitan areas, and this year MotoE™ enters a new era as Ducati becomes the official manufacturer with the prototype V21L. Designed by one of the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers as its first foray into electric mobility, this further amplifies the opportunity for the MotoGP™ paddock to drive progress from the track to the street, as does the continuous innovation from official MotoE™ Smart Charging Partner Enel X Way.

The power of partners

#RacingTogether means innovating together, and MotoGP™ and MotoE™ tyre supplier Michelin is a leading example. From the simple steps – like reducing excess rear tyres and minimising waste – to world-leading innovation, Michelin provides a perfect case study.

Michelin’s target is to create tyres comprising 100% sustainable materials by 2050 across every range, and its role as official tyre supplier to MotoE™ is at the forefront. Natural, regenerated and bio materials have been a key feature in MotoE™ tyres for a number of seasons, and 2023 marks a landmark achievement as the rears now comprise a majority of sustainable materials: 52%. Just like sustainable fuels, that has the power to make a global impact thanks to the testing ground provided by the MotoGP™ paddock.

Making an impact

The goal of every MotoGP™ event is to make a positive impact on the place we race – economically, socially and environmentally. The sport works with every stakeholder, partner and circuit promoter to maximise every possibility of doing just that.

With perfect timing, one example is KiSS – Keep It Shiny and Sustainable – which celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend at Mugello, where it began. Part of the FIM’s Ride Green initiative, KiSS shares many of the same goals as the sport itself: avoiding food waste, promoting sustainable mobility, recycling, circular economy, combating littering, protecting natural resources, accessibility and the inclusion of people with disabilities, and support for local non-profit organisations.

A framework for progress

Dorna has obtained international ISO 20121 certification for our sustainable event management system as the organiser of MotoGP™, recognising our commitment to positive change. ISO 20121 is an internationally established standard pertaining to the improved sustainability and sustainable management of events at every level. Dorna became one of the first motorsports organisers to obtain it.

Now the mission is to maintain it, which depends on implementing a plan of action aimed at continuous improvement going forward. It must also be achieved racing together, thanks to the collaboration of all MotoGP™ stakeholders.

Production, reimagined

Can you tell where our team are when they’re commentating on the world’s most exciting motorsport? In 2023, trials remain underway as commentary goes remote for number of sessions – with one or both voices in the box not coming from the box! Broadcasting our blockbuster calendar provides another opportunity to innovate, and work also continues to boost migration from an onsite traditional media production to remote production. Every step forward in remote production reduces the people and equipment travelling the world, creating another step forward in our push to use less energy, more efficiently whilst continuing to push the boundaries in sports broadcasting.

Across the world

If you were planning the most efficient route possible through India, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Qatar back to Europe, chances are you’d end up with an itinerary that looks a lot like the end of the 2023 MotoGP™ season. That’s no accident. Getting from A to B doesn’t need to go via Z, and we focus on creating the most efficient calendar possible. We’re also reducing freight by 30%, designing new crates resulting in much less volume. That allows us to fly with more efficient aircraft as we work to make an already efficient calendar even more so.

Racing Together

Racing Together is what we do. The innovation, technology, competition and sport are all born from our collective passion, and together we ensure our values grow around the world – having a positive impact on the people we entertain, the places we race, and the planet we all inhabit. Everyone in the sport helps this philosophy to flourish, as both contributor and beneficiary. And never forgetting our millions of fans across the globe. So make sure to celebrate the sport with us at Mugello this weekend as we get back on track for the triple header… our HVO-powered IVECO fleet is already on the way!

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