MotoGP™ delivers record-breaking digital figures

Partnership with Grabyo leads to major engagement growth

MotoGP™ has revealed record-breaking digital figures for 2017 after revamping its digital strategy through a partnership with cloud-based video specialist Grabyo. The global motorcycling series has seen its digital fanbase grow to more than 22 million, while it also recorded over a billion video views during the 2017 season, double the previous campaign, and more than 380 million engagements. The improved following largely owes to MotoGP™’s increased focus on social video and live streaming, with its own VideoPass over-the-top (OTT) service already providing fans with coverage of its races.

On top of that, MotoGP™ has been utilising Grabyo’s video technology to publish live streams and real-time race video on social media. Grabyo is also using Twitter Amplify campaigns to enable MotoGP™’s commercial partners to deliver in-stream advertising and sponsorship for key moments during race weekends.

In addition, Grabyo’s mobile editing features have allowed MotoGP™ to produce Instagram stories by taking real-time footage and publishing it in the mobile-friendly vertical video format. The Championship’s digital team have also been using Grabyo’s Live Producer platform to create social live shows, which are broadcast ahead of each race to provide fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes content and interviews with riders or teams.

“MotoGP is the oldest motorsport world championship but its digital strategy is the most progressive,” said Grabyo chief executive Gareth Capon. “The Dorna group, which owns the rights for MotoGP, was one of the first sports rights holders in Europe to explore commercial opportunities around Twitter Amplify and was an early adopter of Facebook Live

“Indeed the success of MotoGP has caused the likes of Formula One and Formula E to rethink their approach to video content.”

The record-breaking figures come after MotoGP™ took a strategic decision in 2017 to provide social media content to its riders, teams, broadcasters, sponsors and promoters in an attempt to expand the championship’s global ecosystem.

With an increased focus on social, MotoGP™’s team of cameramen and editors have been told to consider content for social media, with the Dorna team looking for more viral moments to drive engagement among younger, digital-first fans.

“We’ve demonstrated the global appeal of the sport and the potential to use social platforms to engage a younger audience demographic and to drive this audience to linear broadcast TV,” added Manel Arroyo, managing director at Dorna Sports. “We are very satisfied with Grabyo solution in terms of ease and speed of use, in terms of features and also in terms of the quality of the live streams.”