MotoGP™ and KiSS Project: record-breaking waste reduction

KiSS initiatives gain more traction than ever as food collections donate record levels of resources to local communities

After the race is over, the fans have gone and the incredible roar of the crowds has begun to fade, there’s still much to do behind the scenes of a MotoGP™ race weekend. That includes looking after the footprint of the event and the paddock, with KiSS initiatives aimed at maintaining MotoGP™’s commitment to the environment gaining more and more traction in an ever-more eco-friendly world.

KiSS, which stands for ‘Keep It Shiny and Sustainable’, is coordinated by the FIM and has so far touched down at MotoGP™ events held at Mugello, Catalunya, MotorLand, Misano and Valencia – including the 2018 Italian and Catalan GPs. Focused on raising awareness amongst spectators and fostering eco-friendly attitudes, KiSS promotes recycling and waste-management within the track, social inclusion, carbon footprint reduction and sustainable methods of transport – as well as supporting other, international initiatives such as the UN’s Stop Food Waste campaign.

During the 2018 Italian and Catalan GPs, KiSS also focused on food collection as part of a push to cut down on waste. Surplus food was from hospitality units and the MotoGP™ VIP Village was collected and subsequently donated to local communities, making a difference not only to the track, but also to the area.

In 2017, a similar initiative at Mugello collected 400 portions of food – a figure that rose to 800 at the San Marino GP held at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli later that same season. In 2018, the figure rose again to a record-breaking 2000 portions at this year’s Italian GP, with KiSS gaining more traction than ever. In Barcelona, meanwhile, the figure was measured in kilograms of dry food rather than portions, with 300kg donated to the local community.

With the bar now set even higher, it’s next stop: Misano as MotoGP™ and KiSS take aim at new targets when the paddock visits Misano, MotorLand Aragon and the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia later this season.