Michelin introduce new tyres composed of over 50% renewable materials

The Michelin Power Slick range will be equipped on Ducati-powered machinery for 2024 as the sport races towards a greener future

In line with their pioneering spirit, Michelin has introduced a groundbreaking tyre for the 2024 MotoE™ World Championship, marking another stride towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the sport. The electric class, powered by Ducati machinery, will now feature these sleek new tyres crafted from over 50% renewable or recycled materials (Front: 49%, Rear: 53%), with the tyre debuting during Free Practice at the Portuguese GP.

As the exclusive tyre supplier to MotoE™, Michelin views MotoE™ as a prime opportunity for innovation, as it gears up for the changing landscape of two-wheeled mobility. Central to their development process is powerful analysis and smart data.

Michelin are confident that these tyres will not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also lead to faster lap times, a claim backed up by the testing session conducted in Portimao during the pre-season.

The MotoE™ class is set to kick off this weekend, with the electric bikes making their debut in Portimao for the opening round of their campaign. The excitement begins with the first two races scheduled at 12:15 local time (UTC +0).

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