Kenny Noyes presents his autobiography

‘The challenges of Superbike, Moto2 and Glasgow 3' narrates his career and his ongoing recovery from the 2015 accident

Former American motorcycle racer Kenny Noyes is hard at work on his book, the story of the long road back, telling the story of his racing career, his terrible 2015 accident and on-going recovery process. It includes a prologue by Wayne Rainey.  

Based in Barcelona, Kenny Noyes has a new project in hand: The Challenges of Superbike, Moto2 and Glasgow 3 is an autobiography in which Kenny recounts his extensive racing career and the arduous recovery process after the accident he suffered at MotorLand Aragon five years ago, on July 5, 2015.

Kenny Noyes, Avintia-STX, Qatar Race

During the last months, the former Moto2™ World Championship rider and 2014 FIM CEV Superbike Champion has combined his rehabilitation with writing of this book that can be reserved in advance on his website. This book talks about all of Kenny's experiences, his life before and after the accident. Kenny discusses "how difficult it is to be aware of your limitations and accept that there are things that will never be the same as before."

His goal is to provide readers with an inside view of motorcycling life, but, above all, to help other people and their families who are going through a similar situation: “With the book I want to show that there is hope and that, although the situation is very serious, there is the possibility of improvement and recovery. I want to give guidelines to people that can be useful for the injured and their families”.

The title, 'The challenges of Superbike, Moto2 and Glasgow 3' also deals with Kenny’s experience of “Glasgow 3”—the lowest state of consciousness that exists, deep coma. “I believe there is a need to make people aware of what it is to be in a coma and to come out of one, which isn’t as depicted in the movies. It is a long and complicated process”, he concludes. The book will be released in mid-2021, but those who purchase it in advance will be able to read the first chapter and the prologue by Wayne Rainey, in addition to receiving various bonus features such as a painting by Albert Escoda of Kenny on his championship-winning Kawasaki. With this presale, future readers will contribute to publishing costs of the autobiography and assure the publication of a unique book: “Self-publishing allows me to tell things my own way, so you know no one has written this for me”.

Kenny Noyes_Parc Ferme_Pole_Le Mans_2010

The exacting, but at the same time, anecdotal style of The Challenges of Superbike, Moto2 and Glasgow 3, makes for exciting reading as you experience the adventures of an American born in Spain, son of ex-racer, journalist and TV commentator, Dennis Noyes (the only non-Spanish father-and-son combinations ever to win Spanish national racing titles, Dennis in 1986 and Kenny in 2014). From American Flat Track Pro Singles Champion to a the FIM CEV Superbike Championship and, between them, two hard but exciting years in the Moto2™ World Championship…sometimes battling at the front and with a pole position at the French Grand Prix…Kenny takes us along for an amazing ride and, after a horrible crash, an equally amazing recovery-in-progress. Wayne Rainey, another rider who knows the difficulties of overcoming a life-changing injury, writes, “I have known Dennis, Kenny's father, since the mid-1980s, and my earliest memories of Kenny are of a young boy. Years later I found out that I was one of his heroes, and now he is one of mine.”

Those who wish to acquire ‘The challenges of Superbike, Moto2 and Glasgow 3’ in advance and enjoy the exclusive advantages can do so now from the Kenny Noyes website:

Other Ways You Can Help - Kenny is still receiving donations via his GoFundMe page and, although he hasn’t reached his goal, every small donation helps. The donation that is made to GoFundMe will go directly to his recovery: 

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