Restart the 2020 season with MotoGP™ Fantasy

Create and manage your very own MotoGP™ dream team and compete for a chance to win amazing prizes!

As we prepare for lights out on the 2020 season restart, we join Motul to bring you MotoGP™ Fantasy, the only official MotoGP™ team management game where you can win great prizes.

The new game is free to play and allows fans to create and manage their own teams of MotoGP™ riders, playing for glory and some incredible prizes. From a 2019 MotoGP™ World Champion Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) signed helmet, TISSOT watch and Oakley sunglasses – all up for grabs at the end of the year – to MotoGP™ event tickets and VideoPass rewards after each Grand Prix, with every winner bagging themselves a Motul McCare package.

So how does it work? Fans select a constructor and four riders – two for a Gold team and two for a Silver Team – and those riders get a score based on their performance in each real-life Grand Prix. Players can then trade riders within an allocated salary cap, working towards creating their very own dream team. Gamers can play in public leagues – such as the official MotoGP™ one – or can take on their friends in private leagues.

Points are awarded in line with the official MotoGP™ scoring system in races, but there are also points up for grabs in qualifying. Constructor points will take the average of the two best riders with that same constructor. Riders placed in a Silver Team score 50% of Gold riders, but players can change riders between Gold and Silver as and when they wish. In addition, riders receive two extra points for every position they finish above their grid position, setting the fastest lap is worth an extra five points and there’s even an 300V Boost option, where one rider will score double points – but that can only be used three times in a season, so it must be employed wisely!

Trading is a game of strategy too; unrestricted before the season restarts and then limited to one trade between each Grand Prix. Strategy is therefore key. And the value of your team? That’s calculated based on the total value of the four riders and one bike, plus any unused money up to the salary cap. Effectively, that becomes the funds a player has available to try and build their MotoGP™ Fantasy team.

The game is FREE and available now on, and in the official MotoGP™ app – so get started on your MotoGP™ Fantasy now!

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