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Like most of the Spanish riders of his generation, Alex Criville began racing bikes in the 80cc category. World 125cc Champion at the age of 19, the Catalan star progressed through 250 and was a 500 rider by 1992, winning the Dutch TT at Assen in his debut season.

In 1994 he was brought in to the HRC team alongside Mick Doohan to take up a position as team-mate to the decade's best rider. Five years later in 1999 he emerged from Doohan's shadow to lift the World Championship, becoming the first Spanish rider in history to claim the 500cc crown.

The following season saw him concede the title to Suzuki's Kenny Roberts and eventually finish in ninth position, and in 2001 he placed one spot higher on the then all new NSR. Shortly before the start of the 2002 season Criville considered joining the Yamaha team of Luis d’Antin but eventually decided to retire permanently.