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Jarvis: “Our riders are each other’s main rivals”

Jarvis: “Our riders are each other’s main rivals”

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP’s Team Principal Lin Jarvis gave his thoughts on the upcoming season at the teams launch in Barcelona.

After taking the “Triple Crown” last year, would you say it was the perfect season?
“Yes very much so. Firstly the “Triple Crown” itself is something that every team and manufacturer strives for and wants to get. It was our 60th anniversary as a company and we had a lot of pressure from the top management to do what we had to do and it was pretty amazing that we were able to pull it off. It is our fifth “Triple Crown” since 2004 and it is quite special when you can achieve that, so it was a great year.”

After such a successful season, how do you ensure that you don’t rest on your laurels and are ready for 2016 with all the new changes?
“You have to keep pushing, that’s it really. We hardly get anytime to take a rest now and I would say that one of the things that maybe even worked to our advantage this year is that because of the changes to the electronics and tyres you can’t rest on your laurels. Even if you wanted to say that last year’s bike was great, next year we will again, this year doesn’t count. Every manufacturer has to put in the maximum effort to be ready for the first race.”

Of all the technical changes for 2016, what do you think will have the biggest effect?
“In my opinion tyres at the end of the day. I think because that is the ultimate contact point between the bike and the track and the riders have to feel really, really comfortable. Of course the electronics are very important as well, especially for the safety aspect. The electronics will affect the lap time more, but the tyre is all about finding the limit and also the safety of the rider. I think that is the biggest thing to be concerned about and how we can make these changes work for us.”

With these changes in mind, can one team dominate 2016 like you did last year?
“Yes! Whenever you have a regulation change you can get some very surprising results. I remember so well when Ducati blew everybody into the weeds in 2007 when we changed engine capacity, so you never know what is going to happen when you have a major change like that. This time I don’t think it will be so significant, but look at Ducati in the last test; they appeared to be quicker than some of the Hondas. It looked like as if some of the Hondas were maybe struggling a little bit, but we have to wait and see to understand where they are at.”

Where do you see the biggest threat coming from this season?
“I personally think that the biggest threat will come from Honda and Marc Marquez because we have seen their performances in the previous two seasons where Marc dominated, winning two championship in a row. At the back end of last year he was victorious again and he won five races last season, so the odds would say it would come from HRC. There is also Ducati, who are putting in a lot of extra effort now and I think these changes could play to their advantages. I am really happy that Suzuki had a competitive year, as the more manufacturers we have in the championship is better for the show. I doubt whether Suzuki will challenge for the championship next year, but they could certainly win some races and get some pole positions like they did last year.”

After last season, what will the relationship be like between Lorenzo and Rossi this year?
“Well, as I mentioned at the team launch we are fortunate that within the garage we have a very good strong unified team, whilst we recognise that our riders are each other’s main rivals. So I don’t think we are going to see anything dramatically different this year. Surely the riders will remember the experiences at the end of last year as it is still quite recent, but for all of them they will just look forward. You have to look forward as there is no point in harping back to what could have and what should have been. So they will all go forward wiser I hope. What we need to do is foster and retain that respect between the riders, this is very, very important. We have a great show, with fantastic racing, and it very important that we can maintain the respect between the teams and the riders themselves and put on a good sporting show for the fans.”

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