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14 days ago

Are you faster than Rossi?

Valentino Rossi is a demon on track, but Valentino Rossi The Game gives you the chance to go even faster than ‘The Doctor’.

It’s hard to drag Valentino Rossi away from the track, if he’s not riding his Yamaha M1 he’s probably out on his dirt track at the Ranch or ripping around Misano with his VR46 Academy. His loves for racing is so intense that even when he’s relaxing at home, he’s still practicing his racing lines on Valentino Rossi The Game.

“Having my own game is just great, it’s simply awesome,” he said. “There is the Ranch, the Monza Rally Show, so it’s not just MotoGP! I would love it to simulate the thrill and the adrenaline rush from the speed, power and strength of a MotoGP race.” There’s a very small number of people who get to ride a MotoGP™ bike and an even smaller number who can do it quickly, but with Valentino Rossi The Game you can be inside Rossi’s helmet as he grabs for the brakes into San Donato in Mugello, your vision shifting as the rear of the bike lifts off the ground from the forces.

"When play alone, you think you are really good, then you go online and there’s a lot of players who are simply insane!" Valentino Rossi

Of course there’s more riders than just Rossi in the game, even ‘The Doctor’ doesn’t always play as himself: “I usually race with myself, but, at the beginning, when I fall a lot, I choose the other riders. I can’t stand seeing myself fall like that, so when I still need some practice I choose the other riders. I also like playing with Moto3 and Moto2, it’s different to MotoGP and always fun!”

Riders are super competitive people, everything they do they want to be the best at. From racing to videogames, Rossi is always looking to be the fastest: “I play online. The problem with online races is that when you play alone, you think you are really good, then you go online and there’s a lot of players who are simply insane! I always take a beating, but I like to play online because you’re against the best. You can be sure I’ll be there.”

Now the big question is: are you faster than Valentino Rossi? Head over to the Valentino Rossi The Game page to find out how you can get a copy, get online and try your luck against the man himself!