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18 riders, nine teams, some of the world's best racetracks, and all racing on the same stunning V21L electric motorcycle from Ducati. The FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship delivers incredible action at every event, with two races taking place on Saturday, just before and right after the awesome Tissot Sprint for MotoGP™.

MotoE™ is a parallel path of sustainable innovation. From the design of the pure-bred racing Ducati V21L motorcycle to the state-of-the-art solutions from smart charging partner Enel X and innovation from tyre supplier Michelin, it pushes the boundaries. Enel X's commitment allows MotoE™ to drive progress in solar power and mobile charging capability. Michelin impress every season with more and more sustainable materials deployed in the front and rear tyres. In 2024, it's 53% sustainable materials used in the rear tyre and 49% in the front.

Many of these advances will reach the world’s ultimate two-wheeled testing ground, MotoGP™, and all of the innovation born in MotoE™ has one ultimate destination: millions of consumers across the globe. Where viable, electric mobility has the power to significantly cut emissions and make a key contribution to global sustainability goals. And at the same time, MotoE™ puts on an awesome racing show!

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In 2024, 18 riders make up the exciting MotoE™ World Championship grid.

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Nine teams compete in the 2024 MotoE™ World Championship.

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The Rider Championship standings can be found here.

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A look at the fantastic venues MotoE™ are racing at in 2024.

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