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18 hours ago

Marquez Blog: Filming Day in Cerdanya

In his latest blog for Marc Marquez reflects on the Dutch GP and a day of fun with the Repsol Team riders.

Hi everybody!

As I’m writing to you, I still feel tired after the last Grand Prix that was held in the Netherlands, but I’m happy and pleased with the end result.

Last Monday was actually a really great day. We were in la Cerdanya (Lleida) with the rest of the Repsol Team riders. To be honest, I can’t give too much away about what we were up to as you will be able to see it for yourselves soon enough. But we had a great day filming with the Trial riders, Dani, and the Repsol Bravo 3 aerobatics team.

It was a new experience for us as we had never all come together to film anything, much less in a setting as amazing as la Cerdanya. It’s also a privilege to spend time with my other team mates, who are such top-notch pros in their sports. And just like every time we get together, we had a good few laughs. I bet you’re looking forward to finding out what we were up to! You’ll be able to see it for yourselves soon enough.

Back to Assen. The conclusions can only be positive. Thanks to the good tips that the team gave me on how to approach this type of difficult race, I managed to rack up more points again. They really stressed that it’s better to be cautious and build up points during qualifying, rather than risking it all to win the race and end up going home with zero points. So I’ll keep taking their advice! Hehehe…

The conditions were tough and we had to analyse and understand the race well, not taking risks at certain times and avoiding any kind of incident. I had good vibes and now it’s about maintaining them for Germany, the last GP of the first part of the season.

I want to thank Tino Martino for lending me his scooter...

I want to thank Tino Martino for lending me his scooter after my fall during qualifying on Saturday. I already thanked him when he came to the box for his bike, but the least I can do is thank him publicly.

I don’t want to say goodbye without first inviting you to the event that will be held this Saturday at the Catalunya Circuit, where you can run a few laps for a good cause. I’ll be there of course to do my bit. See you there!

Question of the week from Albi Encinas:
Hi Marc. Where do you see yourself in ten years time? Will you still be in MotoGP, or do you think you’ll eventually tire of it? Bye.

Hi Albi!

Hmm… Well ten years is a long time to think ahead, but I hope to still be working with the same enthusiasm that I’ve always had. If my team and I are still together and still have the drive to keep going, that would be a good sign.

Talk to you soon!

Marc Márquez.