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23 days ago

Pedrosa Blog: Looking to recover points in Germany

In his latest blog Dani Pedrosa enjoys some down time and tries to take the positives from a tricky Dutch GP.

Hi everyone!

It was a very special day for us yesterday in la Cerdanya (Lleida). What we were filming is a surprise but I can tell you that you’ll soon be able to enjoy a video that we had a great time making. Getting back together with all riders in the Repsol Team was very exciting for me.

In fact, as you can see in the photo, I’m really into Trial and I’ve already ridden that kind of bike before and, during filming, I asked Toni to lend me his. I offered him mine but he didn’t want to swap. It was a beautiful day.

As we were filming the video, we didn’t have enough time to watch the match between Spain and Italy, although we listened to it on the radio. It’s a shame that our team were unable to go on to quarter-finals and, in the face of defeat, all you can do is pull forward. We’ll be European champions again in the future, I’m sure of it.

Getting back to the weekend, I can’t really rate it very highly since we couldn’t achieve the goal we had set our sights on, but it’s true that there were some details that we can draw positive conclusions from.

Throughout the GP, circumstances were ever changing and that made it difficult for me to adapt to the track all weekend long. However, as a team, we did a good job choosing the tyres for the race. The first laps were difficult for us because of the tyres we chose but, when it really started raining, we realised they were the perfect tyres.

During the second start of the race, the vibes were completely different...

It was a shame that, at our best moment, when we were recovering positions, the red flag cancelled the race. During the second start of the race, the vibes were completely different. I fell but I was able to recover and score points.

Question of the week, from Cris González
Hi Dani. If you could travel to a city that you’ve never visited before, where would you go?

Hi Cris,

I love being surrounded by nature. I’d probably choose a place where to enjoy one-of-a-kind views.


Dani Pedrosa