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7 days ago

Marquez Blog: A high-paced week

In his latest blog Marc Marquez talks about taking part in a charity running race and relaxing with his brother.

Hi everyone!

I miss races so much! These stops with three weeks instead of the usual two to get ready for the next Grand Prix are different, but it’s great to have a bit of free time to spend with our nearest and dearest. I’ve had time to do so many things and I’ve really enjoyed myself.

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Marquez takes part in charity night race

For instance, last Saturday I went to a charity night race we organised at the Catalunya circuit for the NGO “Aldeas Infantiles” (from Laps for Life 93). I really enjoyed racing for disadvantaged children and I was able to do it alongside the hundreds of people who came to support the cause. Thanks to everyone who came.

The pool of young talent in Spain is really quite impressive...

The rest of the time I’ve been in Cervera, cycling with my brother and doing some BMX, which I enjoy from time to time. I was also able to spend time with my friend José Luis. He usually organises the campus summers for children who’d like to become Motocross riders. The pool of young talent in Spain is really quite impressive.

During the weekend, I was able to enjoy the Formula 1 race calmly, and what a show they put on in Austria. Hamilton’s last lap was worth framing. Congratulations on the win!

The question of the week from Bea del Campo:
Hi Marc! If you could choose a motorbike to go travelling through Spain, which one would you choose?

Hi Bea,
Without a doubt it’d be the Honda Africa Twin. It’s the one that most resembles the one used by Dakar riders and the one I like the best. The thing is that, if I want to ride it, I’d have to get my licence first hahaha. I hope I can get round to that soon.

Talk to you soon!

Marc Márquez