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2 days ago

#SanMarinoGP: Twitter Highlights

The best of the Misano Twittersphere! (this one includes a cat)

Are you still seeing yellow? The amazing Gran Premio TIM di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini (that's 'Misano' to me and you) saw history re-written, Dani take his first win of the year and SO MANY THINGS: Eight winners! More bromance! That old cliche of Italian passion that's still so true!

There's no place like home for Petrux:

But this ain't no Toto!

After going public at the #BritishGP, it seems ’PraMarc VDS’ have hit a rough patch, and we don't know what to do:

Because VDS were immune to the jealousy tactics. (We'll bring you more as the story develops.)

Onto the weekend’s action! First up, Ducati rolled out their latest development:

We wonder where they got the idea from...

MotoGP™ Twitter has feelings too. Thanks for your concern, Cici X

Breaking records can be overwhelming!

So Twitter did its thang...

Then, race day taught us a couple of things. Mainly, that life begins at the end of your comfort zone:

That Nicky will always stand up for u:

And that ‘shoeys’ aren’t just for Aussies!

Maybe? Stop trying to make this happen, people. Apparently, it's not going to happen.

Jorge and Dani made us a little emotional:

Passions were running high in the Press Conference...

But Speedy Reedy had the last word on it!

We'll leave you with this as the trucks roll on to MotorLand - THAT feeling, indeed!