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29 days ago

#QatarTest: Twitter highlights

Some of the best of Twitter to make you titter

The preseason is over and we're almost ready to go racing! So it's time to debrief with the 'ol Twittersphere with some of the best of the #QatarTest...

First, Marc Marquez obviously saw one of his heroes by the gate at BCN airport! Not sure who she is, tho…

...Pramac branched out with a new side hustle:

We learned to never air dirty laundry on Twitter:

Cover your eyes, Jorge!

Why, you ask? Well...

MotoGP™ Twitter: come for the racing, stay for the language lessons.

Meanwhile, Ducati’s “Hammerhead fairing” caused quite a stir, but what was the inspiration behind it?

We’re second guessing the name choice tbh…

We can see why you'd say that, but they look like good seagull escape chutes if you ask us.

Anyway. When testing, cover all bases...

...including the space-time continuum. Beam me up, Scotty!

Steve took so long to reply, we thought he was catfishing US.

And finally, a pro-tip from a World Champion - look where you're going at all times.