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From Spielberg with love: Pedrosa’s licence to thrill

Agent 026 reports for duty ahead of the #AustrianGP

The name’s Pedrosa – Dani Pedrosa. And the place is Salzburg Casino, or at least that’s where the journey begins. Enjoying a drink in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe sets in motion a set of missions that culminate with a spectacular entrance to the Red Bull Ring - and a lap of the track before the lights go out for the Austrian GP.

From the Casino, Pedrosa is next sent to a 10am rendezvous at Residenzplatz, the stunning square at the heart of Salzburg. There, there’s another teaser for his eyes only and the Repsol Honda rider gets the next destination: Hangar 7 for more than just a view to a thrill.

For the penultimate show, it’s a high adrenaline arrival into Round 11 as Pedrosa gets ready to touch down at the Red Bull Ring in some serious style. As the spectre of Spielberg appears in the distance, the helicopter gets into position high above the track and it’s time to live and let…fly.

Once back down to Earth to ride another day and head out for a lap around the track, the three-time World Champion can take a quantum of solace from the 200mph machine he’ll soon be back on board for the race weekend: MotoGP™ has its own licence to thrill (and we're back out on track from Friday at 9:00 (GMT +2)).