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By Monster Yamaha Tech 3

Folger: "The first laps were a medium-sized disaster"

Rookie will reset in the longer break before Japan

Aragon was a tough weekend for German GP podium finisher Jonas Folger, including a crash on Saturday and then missing the points in the race. The rookie and his team are looking to reset to Sachsenring to find the solution to some problems of late, and Folger says he'll switch off before Motegi to come back stronger for the flyaways.

Jonas Folger, P16: "Obviously, I’m disappointed about the outcome of the weekend. This also applies to my entire team because this position does not correspond to our abilities. But honestly, we are struggling to find our level as we were able to perform at the beginning and until halfway point of the season. In addition, we used a new traction control this weekend which caused some issues too so, we went back to the old system on Saturday. Beyond that, the crash in FP3 and the subsequent hustle and bustle in preparation for the afternoon sessions did us further thrown back. We were really perplexed regarding issues such as the tyre selection and the setting for the bike. This, of course, has had negative impacts on my confidence.

"During warm-up and ahead of the race I tried to build up confidence in which I partly succeeded well. I also expected that I would be able to recover positions and I would reach my personal goal, finishing in the top ten. But the first laps were already a medium-sized disaster and a bit later, I quickly realized that nothing was going because the confidence was completely gone. I did not just miss the pace during the race, Aragón was a bad weekend for us.

"After our unfortunate start to the second part of the season, the slightly longer break until the next race is very welcome. We need to take a time-out, especially myself, and try to switch off completely. I feel exhausted at the moment as well as we are lost from one hole to the other. So, I’ll try to get my mind clear before heading to the oversea races and to start in Japan with recharged energy. It is therefore with me, as synonymous with the bike to make a reset because we need to continue with a setup that is familiar to me. This is the only way I can get back riding free and relaxed. In Motegi in three weeks, therefore it will be necessary to re-build the bike to the standings we used at the Sachsenring."