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New TV graphics for 2018: keep track like never before

Tyres, team communications and runs - now you can see exactly what’s happening on track

Tags MotoGP, 2018

As part of a new innovation for 2018, Dorna Sports and MotoGP™ are providing new and updated TV Graphics, offering more insight than ever before through the TV screens.

When it comes to racing, tyres are one of the biggest choices to make. Throughout a race weekend, one of the key missions for everyone on the grid is choosing the right rubber for race day – and the timesheets don’t tell the whole story. Now, there are new and improved graphics to help fans keep track of laptimes – with the number of the run, the compound and the status of the tyre; new or used, in brand new graphics coming up in 2018. All of it can be enjoyed LIVE and OnDemand with the MotoGP™ VideoPass.

In addition, team communications sent to riders will also be displayed as a series of TV graphics. This means it will now be shown as an alert on screen when a rider is being called into the box, suggested mapping for them to switch to as well as info from the practice sessions right through to the race. Keeping riders informed during the sessions with information ranging from their position, target time, rivals close to them on track and the time remaining, it provides a full insight into their race craft. On top of this, we will see GP stars being told when the box is clear, when other riders are out on track, if they are being followed, and an all important penalty warning.

That's as well as an overview of the rider's run featuring tyres, featuring a run down of the number of laps the tyre has been used for, and in which sessions.

The colour within the circular graphic denoting the compound is filled in if the tyres are new, and empty if they’re not – giving an immediate overview in the blink of an eye. And when the summary at the end of the session shows laptimes, there's even more - with the tyre info about each specific run displayed.